The AZ100LVEL16VV is a specialized oscillator gain stage with two selectable data input pairs and a high gain output buffer including an enable. Selectable data input pairs permit switching between two different oscillator frequencies. The QHG, QHGN outputs have a voltage gain several times greater than the Q,QN outputs. An enable allows continuous oscillator operation by only controlling the QHG, QHGN outputs.

The AZ100LVEL16VV also provides a reference voltage (VBB) with internal biasing resistors to each input to minimize external components.

EOL – Not recommended for new designs

Block Diagram

  • • High voltage gain vs standard EL16
  • • Selectable data input pairs
  • • Up to 3.0GHz operation
  • •3.3V – 5V analog supply
  • • Crystal or SAW Oscillators

Order Numbers

Part NumberPackageDimensionsQuantityMSL Rating
AZ100LVEL16VVL+MLP163mm x 3mm10001