The AZP92 is a ÷1 or ÷2 clock generation part specifically designed to accommodate Colpitts or Pierce based oscillators. Features are incorporated to reduce board components. A voltage reference and input biasing allows for easy oscillator interface.

The AZP92 provides a ÷ 2 mode of operation for more frequency options and is selectable with a single connection. A selectable enable is also provided which doubles as a reset when the AZP92 is in ÷2 mode. With a single connection, the enable can be selected to operate as active high or active low.

EOL – Not recommended for new designs

Block Diagram

  • • Selectable divide ratio
  • • Selectable enable polarity & threshold
  • • Up to 3.0GHz operation
  • •3.3V – 5V analog supply
  • • Pierce or Colpitts Oscillators
  • • Crystal or SAW Oscillators

Order Numbers

Part NumberPackageDimensionsQuantityMSL Rating
AZP92NAGMLP82mm x 2mm10001